Oh wow, it’s a good thing “Regular blogging” was no new years resolution for 2017. Can you believe we are already five months into it. Just WOW! I guess it’s definitely time for an update.

On the personal health front, all things are looking good so far. I’ve started biking to work regularly around March. The counter is now on 1488km, meaning an average of 10.55km per day. That’s about 6km per day less than what I should be doing to get to the 6000km though. Or to put it in Strava’s words “830 km behind pace”. Summer is coming though, so plenty of time to catch up. The regular sporting has a good effect on my weight as well. The 75kg goal is still far away, but I got it down to about 81.5kg already.

Yesterday was my first real appointment with a resolution deadline: the May 10km Gent city run. The goal was to run it in under 50 minutes. It didn’t work out that way, unfortunately. My own mistake. I focussed so much on biking that I only ran twice, for a total of 8km. So yeah, basically no running training. I thought the bike training would have a bigger impact on my basic physical condition. It didn’t, lesson learned. If I want to run the 10km in less than 50 minutes, I’ll need to find a way to add running to my daily routines, similarly to how biking became my preferred way of commuting. Not sure how to do that yet though.

I’m a bit bummed that I couldn’t run the 10km in under 50, so I’ll be taking a rematch. On June 24th, there is another city run in Gent. This time, it’s at sunset on midsummers eve. That’s going to be a special one. See you there!

And varivoor? More on that later ;)