As a developer, I’m able to create a solution for the tiny annoyances that I encounter while using my android phone. One of those annoyances is the “read it later” functionality. Sometimes a smartphone is not enough to read a long article or watch an interesting video while commuting. There are a couple of dedicated apps out there to read thing later, like Pocket. They allow you to save a web page or video to an external system and you can read it on your phone using the app or on their website. Unfortunately, those apps always turn out to be a graveyard for things that I want to read. I never get around to reading them, mainly because I never visit their website. There is one app I check daily though: my email; And there are a lot of people who take this approach, by just emailing things to themselves.

Emailing things to yourself requires a fair amount of taps, though. There are at least 6 taps to email a tweet to yourself from the official twitter app, starting with a long press on the tweet and ending by pushing the send button. And that is only if the autocomplete works properly and recognizes your email address after the first character. Six taps isn’t that much, but specialized read-it-later apps can save a tweet in just 2 taps. So 6 taps is too much.

And that’s where 1Mailer comes in. 1Mailer is a tiny app that hooks into the share menu, pre-fills your own email address and sends it directly to you. The first time you’ll use 1Mailer, it will take you 5 taps because you need to pick the account and give 1Mailer the necessary permissions. But after that first send item, all items can be shared in just 2 taps.

So do you ever email things to yourself from your android phone? Make your life easier and download 1Mailer now from the Play Store