Oh, wow, another month passed. Three months into 2015, I guess it’s time to give you guys another update.

First the good news: I’m still not eating sugar, or at least less sugar than I used to eat. No croissants or “koffiekoeken”. No biscuits, no candy, no cookies, no chocolate milk and above all, no soda. When i started it, I only had a couple of expectations: I would lose some weight and I would be more energetic. The “be more energetic” expectation was a false one. The first expectation, however, was correct: I’ve lost somewhere between 4 and 5 kg, dropping my total weight to just above 79 kg. This really is a result of just reducing my sugar intake. It doesn’t have anything to do with an increase in sports or exercising. In fact, I’m exercising a lot less since last summer.

And then there was that other resolution: stop talking, start doing. Well, none of the three pet projects that I was working on got released yet. There is always something that’s keeping me from releasing at least one project. One of the projects is on the verge of a soft-launch, but i keep finding excuses to put it off: “My contact list is outdated”, “There is a blocking bug in the presentation code”. There is… always some issue, be it real or imaginary. But I’m pushing them forward, slowly.

But I did ship something! I mentioned 1Mailer in an earlier post. It’s the first app which I published under my own name. I got it out there. It’s not perfect, it only has two users: @seysconstantijn and myself. But I’m happy, because “f*ck it, ship it”.

Oh, and one more thing,…

I’m working on another app together with @woutersmet. We’re doing away with business cards at networking events. Keep an eye on this blog 😉