Here ‘s the thing about my side-project, it’s live for everyone to see, I’m talking about on twitter, and I received some nice feedback. But I’m barely making any progress. I have two high-value TODO items that have been on my list since mid-summer (contact a lawyer to verify that it would be legally ok and contact an online grocery shop to collaborate with). And I just can’t get myself to do execute them. It feels as if I’m scared to make any major investment that would turn varivoor into something serious.

I’m fine with spending my evenings and weekends hacking away at it on my own. I’m fine with putting up a couple of € per month for a domain and hosting. I’m fine talking about it in the massive black hole that is twitter, where it disappears as quickly as you tweet. But I’m procrastinating on the real progress, like a legal entity and a partnerships that would bring in some money.

I’ve been aware of this for a while now and I’m pondering what is causing the holdup. Turns out I have commitment issues. I’m scared that, when I make a serious commitment to varivoor, it will fail miserably. I’m scared that varivoor is not a good idea. That it will never generate enough money to be a valuable company, or not even just enough to support me and my family. That the idea is too simple and will be copied by existing players once varivoor gets some traction. I’m scared of failure and what the consequences of that failure may be.

So, does anyone have a suggestion on how to accept the possibility of failure?