OK, let’s get this blog off the ground and in the air!


Let’s kick off with some personal background first. I’m Thomas, I live in Gent in Belgium and I’m a software developer at Acquia. This blog is a side project of mine that serves as a technology demo for a lot of stuff.

As a start, I’ll probably open up the source of this blog. It’s written in Go and runs on Google App Engine. If I find the time to write, I might even write a tutorial about it.

As a second tech demo, I’ll be integrating Mollom into this blog. Mollom is the anti-spam solution I’m working on as day job and we’re trying to create client libraries in as many languages as possible (check our list of available clients). Integrating Mollom into this blog will add yet another language.

Oh, and from time to time, I might post some non-technical posts in Dutch.

I say might, because well yeah, all my previous attempts at blogging failed miserably. But hey, this blog has its own domain with my name in it, so I just have to give it my best shot 😀