Read it later, with #inbox0 discipline


Have you ever tried to maintain a list of online articles that you want to read later? Where do you keep that list? I have tried many things, from the plain old bookmarks to the fancy apps like Pocket. But they all had one thing in common: they are a graveyard. At first, i try to keep up with whatever new articles I put in there. But after a while, the list keeps growing, becomes endless and abandoned.

But you know what almost everyone checks and reads daily? Their e-mail inbox.

Since it’s development in the early eighties, e-mail had become one of the most ubiquitous services on the internet. Just about everyone has an e-mail account and most people have developed a strategy to handle incoming e-mail. So why wouldn’t you apply this strategy to your reading list?

1Mailer makes this super easy for Android users by hooking into the global share menu. After the initial configuration, it only takes 2 taps to share something from any app to the Gmail inbox of your choice. Using the regular Gmail or Inbox share options, it will take you a multitude because you have to reenter your e-mail address every time.

1Mailer has equally usefull note-taking capabilities. Type or say what you want to remember, press the send button and you can manage it from your inbox moments later. Only three taps. Recording a reminder in Inbox by Gmail takes 5 taps (yes, I counted them ;))

So if you’re one of those people who try to maintain #inbox0, then keeping your reading list in your inbox may be a good idea as well!

So why don’t you keep your reading list in your inbox? Download 1Mailer now from the Google Play store, it’s free!

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The 1Mailer app does not share any information with the app author. With the obvious exception of Google, the 1Mailer app does not share any information with other third parties. The only information shared with Google is the information that you email to yourself through the app.